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For Wedding Memories as Gorgeous as The Day itself

Your wedding pictures are one of the most beautiful memories you will ever capture.

We know taking good photos is not easy. And after taking tones of them, making sure they are absolutely perfect and then, sharing them is crazy tedious. Sure, you can leave it to a high-street pricey wedding photographer, or your brother’s dopey roommate from high school. Who wants contrived, posed shots anyways?

Well, that’s exactly what muvee Wedding Studio was created for!

We put together the two most advanced and easy to use photo and video editing tools on the market, unveiling the secrets of the professionals to every user. No editing skills? No problem!! Expert results in minutes!


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Professional Photo Editor re-imagined for Wedding Couples

Have you ever looked at the cover of ‘Premier Bride’ and wondered how they got that perfect look that “pops”?
Soft and yet sharp focus in all the right places?

The secret to such stunning photos is editing! Pro-photographers spend more time touching up their photos than taking them. Many of them use software by PerfectlyClear, which is the same technology powering the Image Enhancer features in muvee Wedding Studio.
These photo editing programs usually require extensive training and years of practice (and costs more than a case of champagne!) In Wedding Studio, we have taken all the best tricks the pros use and put it all into a few one-click presets. Now you can get the same stunning results in a single click. After all, you have a wedding on your hands!

Photo Enhancer makes every Picture Perfect.
Every. Single. Time.
And it’s insanely easy to use!

Load your photo, apply one of 11 wedding-built Smart Presets, and you’re done!
Fix tint, lighting, remove noise, red eyes, even beautify faces by whitening teeth, removing blemishes and getting rid of under eye bags.


Download muvee wedding studio

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The Smart Automatic Slideshow Maker

Now that all your pictures are perfect, it’s time to tell your story. Put it all together into a touching photo montage slideshow in 3-Steps.
Easy Peasy.



Add your photos and video, select a style (out of the 20 included) press play, sit back and enjoy the show!

There is a Style template for every Segment in the Wedding.

It Comes with 20 Styles, each with hand-picked music recommendations and sound effects. It syncs your videos perfectly to the music bed, creating a gorgeous, elegant movie that will make grown men cry.

muvee wedding Studio Bachelorette Party Styles

Bachelorette Party

A collection of style templates that will help you keep fresh all those fun memories spent with the Gals & Lads

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muvee wedding Studio Wedding Styles

The Wedding Day

Immortalize the most important day of your lives in an artistic and classy manner, The Walk Down the Aisle, The Couple’s Vows, The Bouquet throwing..

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muvee wedding Studio Honeymoon Styles


The Grand Finale to a perfect wedding video, these styles will make your romantic getaway look like a Hollywood production.

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