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From gorgeous pictures, to touching video-story

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your mother-in-law back.

Tell your Story, with an elegant and touching music slideshow made automatically.

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From pictures and videos to a touching wedding slideshow in seconds.

It’s like having a director in your PC.

Over 15 years, 13 versions, and 26 patents. We have condensed our best tricks into a radically easy to use package to help you create a gorgeous wedding video. Automatically.



We have included 20 styles templates especially designed by our video editor artists. They are divided into the three most important phases of every Wedding; Bachelorette / Bachelor Party, Wedding Day and Honeymoon.
You only have to add your Wedding pictures, press play and enjoy the show; Wedding Studio Slideshow Maker does all the work for you, it even syncs the video to the pace of the music.



One Style for every moment, create “The Wedding Slideshow”

A night to remember!

Can you think of a more epic event than this? You are saying bye-bye to your single life, so you’d better do it in style. It can be a girls night out, a lunch in the city, or even an outdoors adventure weekend. In any case, one thing is for sure; in five years time, you’ll want to look at the memories and relive all the fun. Wedding Studio Slideshow Maker has the Styles templates that will help you do just that.

The Big Day!

This is THE DAY that you have planned, agonized, bargained, debated and cried over. Everything MUST be perfect, but most importantly the memories HAVE to be perfect too. Use our Wedding Day Style templates to do just that. Go from beautiful photos to an emotionally engaging Video Montage in moments.

Whatever wedding theme you have in mind: Traditional? Bohemian? Hipster maybe? Fairytale perhaps? It comes with 20 different Styles to choose from, so finding the one that suits you will be a piece of cake.

Make the magic last forever

The big day was successful, but that does not mean that the magic has to end. Onto the honeymoon where the fun begins!

Whilst the wedding is shared with all your loved ones, the Honeymoon is private time that both of you will cherish forever and will want to come back to and relive in the future.

Whether you escape to a exotic Bali, roam Florence and Tuscany with its architecture and vineyards or go to the Big Apple. The Slideshow Maker comes packed with just the Style to beautifully showcase that romantic getaway.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your mother-in-law back.
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What else do I get with the Wedding Studio Slideshow Maker?

Slideshow maker comes packed with all these amazing features.
It not only works with photos, it loves videos too!

Automatic Video Editing

Simply choose your photos and videos, select a Style, and it will present your story with professionally designed effects, fonts, and captions. It will even detect your video highlights and sync it to the beat of the music!

Tell your Story with Chapters

Your wedding story can be presented with Captions and Intertitles between key milestones of your lives. Even use separate music tracks for each Chapter. From the first kiss to “I do”, or simply a multi-city European honeymoon. Do it all with ease.

Cinematic Trailer

Start your video off like a Hollywood Pro. Create a series of Cinematic Trailer Openings with short music stingers. Even get to name your Director, the Starring roles and Location of your film. Get ready for your red carpet!

Magic Moments

With a single click, you can mark the must-have moments in your videos (like the kiss and throwing of the bouquet) and make sure the goofy ones are censored out (like Uncle Bobby getting drunk)

Magic Spot

Photos are given the “Ken Burns” treatment which pans and zooms automatically to give it that elegant polish. If you like, you can mark the start and end points to focus on in each picture.

Work on your life movie together!

Save the project and toss it across to your partner to contribute. Afterall, you are now a couple. You should both work on your wedding videos together!

Fake a Photo Booth

You don’t need a photo booth and props for a silly wedding video slideshow. Use our new Graffiti feature to add stickers and frames to your favorite wedding photos. Whether you want to pop a silly moustache on your best man or add hilarious captions via speech bubble, Graffiti will make your photos one of a kind with more than 250 stickers and frames.

Go Viral or Keep It Intimate

muvee Reveal provides several sharing options to show off your wedding video in a click. Share the Big Day online through YouTube, Vimeo and with Facebook friends. Or even thank your family or friends with more than just a card by giving them a DVD of wedding memories. Sharing is easier than saying “I Do!”

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