muvee Wedding Studio

Top FAQs

What does Wedding Studio Include?

Wedding Studio includes two different modules; Photo Enhancer and Slideshow Maker. A single Product License unlocks the premium features of both modules, so you can fix your pictures and create stunning slideshows

How can I download the Music Bundle?

The Wedding Studio Music Bundle is a premium feature, so you can only download the music once you have purchased your Product License. Just go to this page and enter your 30 digits key in order to access the download area.

How many computers can I install muvee Wedding Studio on?

You can install muvee Wedding Studio on two computers.

Missing Order Confirmation

If you have not received an order confirmation via email within a few minutes after placing your order, please check whether an SPAM-filter protects your email account. If so, the email may have been automatically removed from your inbox and filtered into a particular folder. Therefore, please check your spam folder first.

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