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Top FAQs

What kinds of image files does muvee Wedding Studio Photo Enhancer support?

We support any 8- or 16-bit RGB images.

Can I batch process photos?

Absolutely, You can open as many pictures as you want, and start fixing them, for instance, you can select a bunch of portrait pictures, then choose the Beautiful Bride preset, and Sync all the pictures to that setting.

How many presets are included, and what do they do?

There is a total of eleven presets;

Magic Fix.
The generic Fix-It-All Smart Preset that analyzes the picture and gives it a dose of Perfect. Try this first!

Beautiful Bride.
Beautifies overall facial features, removes dark eye rings, enlarges and sharpens the eyes, keeps the glow and warmth of the bride, removes shine and fixes any blemish and freckles.

Family Portraits.
Fixes tired eyes, facial complexion, shiny foreheads and everything else to make everybody look their best!

Dark Hall.
Fix photos taken in a dark abbey or candle-lit hall. Reduces noise, fixes exposure, contrast and hard flash-light for flawless skin tones.

Use this on all your outdoor shots. Fixes any exposure imperfections due to overcast skies or an overly glaring sun.

Great for perfecting shots taken during the sunset golden light hour. Fixes exposure and contrast to retain the rich, warm colors of a sunset.

Great general purpose preset for all well lit indoor shots. Fixes any exposure and backlighting problems, enhances complexion of faces and makes everyone look good.

Disco lights in a dark club with flushed faces taken with an iPhone flash? Takes care of low-light noise, infra-red removal for red faces, redeyes, and fixes flashed faces.

For pictures of The Wedding Dress. Preserves sharpness of the lace and details and yet a soft glow on the overall composition.

Close Ups.
Use this to fix the shots of the rings, shoes, roses and champagne glasses. Great for all the macro shots of glitzy tiny shiny bits!

Flowers and Food.
Designed to perfect pictures of food and flowers. Corrects exposure and depth and adds vibrancy to make shots of champagne, flowers, and canapes pop!

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