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Top FAQs

What is the difference between saving a muvee and saving a project?

Saving a muvee renders the finished output to a specified file in a format of your choice. (such as WMV, MPEG-4, AVI etc). Saving a muvee project preserves your work in progress as a .RVL project file, so that you can exit from your muvee program and subsequently relaunch your project without having to start from scratch. Your media files, selected style, and other settings are all preserved when you save a muvee project.

I’m not able to save my muvees. Save button is greyed out

Always press the ‘Play’ button after importing your photos, music, and videos before saving the project/muvees, in that way the program will be able to analyze each entry you’ve made. Once you’re in the saving window, you’ll have an option to choose the muvees you want to save or burn. Make sure you have selected a muvee before saving or burning.

I want a certain photo to appear at a certain part of the song

Slideshow Maker creates a muvee using photos and videos in order. When it plays a muvee, each photo or video in the media panel is highlighted as it appears in the muvee.
By changing the order, you can control when your photo will appear, so that you can time it to match your song. You can also click any photo and click Mode on its context menu to change how long it is shown for. This can help you control when your photo appears.​

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