The 10 Most Magical Locations for Unforgettable Wedding Pictures

Your wedding photos should reflect your own personal style, and a great location makes a statement about who you are, and the life you will lead together. These are the top wedding locations for any DIY wedding expert to consider!



Your wedding represents one of the most significant moments in your life, so it’s totally granted that you will capture the day with hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of photos. While many of the picture-perfect moments will occur during the ceremony or at the reception, most couples will also travel and schedule an exclusive wedding photo session at a special location before the Big Day. Finding the right location for these photographs is critical. Whether you have a place in mind that means something to both of you personally, or you simply want a beautiful backdrop for your wedding portraits, these ideas will help you get started as you prepare your DIY wedding album.

Best location to shoot your Wedding Pictures


By a River or Lake

Water makes for a beautiful natural backdrop, particularly for wedding photos. Brides who are incorporating a rustic or natural theme into their wedding day will find this to be an ideal location. Remember to keep in mind the placement of shadows when photographing in these areas, and try to use morning or evening sunlight to capture the best lighting. Whilst you are enjoying the location, make sure to also be mindful of how your photographer handles the reflections off the water’s surface in high summer. Luckily, with photo editing software presets in the Wedding Studio Photo Enhancer, imperfections in shadows, contrast and exposure can be automatically removed in a single click.



Downtown in the City

If you are planning a sleek and modern DIY wedding, then photographs in the heart of the city would be a wonderful option. Scope out the city architecture in advance and try to find a street or building that reflects the atmosphere of your wedding. If you are planning a wedding with traditional elements, consider posing in front of the gothic architecture that can be found in old cathedrals. If your wedding will have contemporary details, then opt for chic photographs in front of reflective skyscrapers and sleek city skylines.


At the Seashore

Standing on the sand on the shores of the beach is perhaps one of the most romantic places on earth, which is why so many couples prefer to take wedding pictures there. If you are heading to the beach, be sure to wear a flowing gown that will blow perfectly in the breeze for your photos. Also consider sunset pictures, as the golden hour will be best for lighting and you can capture some truly blissful moments together against the fading sun.

Inside a Museum

Whether your wedding is planned during the winter season or you simply want pictures indoors, a museum is an awesome option for inside wedding photos. Consider the different museums in your region and select the one that will best match the theme of your wedding day. Make sure that you practice your camera settings ahead of time so that you can make the most of the lighting at your chosen location. Capturing photos in low-light indoors is always a challenge. You will expect to need to use photo editing software like Wedding Studio to remove noise, balance out exposure for the face and other nifty nip tucks that you can achieve with the powerful presets.


Within a Local Park

Whether you are planning springtime nuptials or an autumn wedding, you will find nature at its most beautiful at your local parks. Different parks will include various elements, such as art installations, fountains or simply perfect natural preserves. Consider capturing candid photographs in these relaxing, natural spaces, as this catches the mood of this idyllic location. Things to take note of in a park: because of the intricate details present in capturing shots of leaves rustling on a tree, flowing water from a fountain, make sure you are armed with the right lens to do the location justice. Here are a few essential tips to know about what are the best lenses for taking wedding photos in such locations.



In Front of a Fountain

There’s something about fountains that draw people together. Whether small or large, fountains tend to be gathering spots for people, which is why it’s a great place to consider for your own wedding pictures. Play with the speed of your lens in order to capture the water flowing, or freeze it in place, as this will create a different effect for your photographs.


Orchard, Vineyard or Farm

When you are brainstorming for ideas for outdoor wedding locations, it’s easy to think about a public park or a local beach. But these locations may be crowded. Instead, consider something that’s off the beaten path. Contact local orchard or vineyard owners and see if you can take photographs on their property for your wedding album. I am sure they will delighted! The trees and vines that grow there are beautiful and colorful, especially near to harvest season. It can add a touch of natural whimsy to your romantic wedding photos. Come prepared with lens that achieves great bokeh as there will be many opportunities to play with the colorful fruits and flowers in the background. Learn more about the right lens to use here.


Carnival Fairgrounds

If you are a couple that have a youthful sense of fun, put that on full display by heading to a carnival or amusement park for your wedding pictures. There you will find bright colors, lights, balloons and other playful elements to incorporate into your photos. Most people don’t think of a carnival for a wedding location, but it can make for surprisingly fun and gorgeous wedding photos. Just make sure Gonzo the creepy clown is not prancing around in the background..


Various spots in a Garden

When considering a place for your wedding photos, think about the types of locations where lovers waste away their hours. A garden is one of those places where couples will go for a romantic stroll, and a garden in bloom is an ideal backdrop for wedding photos. Consider using wide-angle lens so that you can capture the entirety of this location.


In an Art Gallery

An art gallery is another indoor photo location where you can capture interesting and thoughtful wedding photographs. Walk through the gallery in advance of your wedding and select a few installments that mean something to you as a couple. Center your photographs around these pieces, as it adds a personal touch to your wedding pictures and makes a very definite statement about who you both are, and what you believe in. As you will be in a dimly lit environment, realize that you may need photo editing software to do some noise removal, and adjust exposures and contrast. Wedding Studio Photo Enhancer has specific presets that takes care of such scenarios.


Your wedding photos do not have to be taken at your wedding location. In fact, it’s a great idea to get out and find a unique location for your wedding pictures, as it will give you a variety of poses, places and backgrounds to choose from after your big day is complete. When planning a DIY wedding, you have more freedom to choose the right location that will meet your wedding photography needs. Ultimately, this will allow your wedding photos to exceed your wildest expectations, and you will have the most beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of your lives together.


Now that you now the best locations for Wedding Pictures, make them look their best

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