10 tips for taking great wedding pictures and video with your iPhone

Use these 10 tips to take memorable wedding photos and video using your iPhone.

The wedding is one of the most magical and memorable event in one’s life. Maybe you’re attending your friend’s wedding, and you want to capture some special moments by taking pictures or video. Or, you are doing a very private wedding in a remote location just with some close friends.

Whether it’s a simple ceremony or you have unique wedding ideas, the good news is that you don’t need an expensive digital SLR camera that costs thousands of dollars to get some great photos and video clips. If you have an iPhone or a recent Android smartphone with a decent camera, you can take memorable wedding pictures — and you don’t have to carry around a bulky camera bag with lenses and a flash.

Great pictures are a combination of good technique, good framing and timing: capturing those special fleeting moments. While proper lighting and composition are important, you also need to be observant to notice a quiet moment with the groom and bride, or the parents smiling as they watch the new couple having their first dance. By being patient and observant, you too can get some unforgettable mobile photos of that special day.

All you need to know about taking wedding pictures with your iphone

Here are 10 easy tips to help you take great pictures and videos at a wedding:

1. Get closer to your subject.

This can get rid of distracting backgrounds such as trees, power lines and buildings. It will also help you focus in on your subject so the background is blurred and this results in a stronger picture. In some settings, taking a picture from a low angle will show the sky behind the couple so the background isn’t distracting.

2. Avoid using the digital zoom when taking pictures.

If possible, don’t use the iPhone’s digital zoom feature. This is because the iPhone doesn’t have a true zoom lens so the camera is just taking the image and making it larger. The result is a grainy or blurry picture. However, in some situations, you may need to use the digital zoom, but you should be aware of the trade-off in image quality. If you’re shooting video, the digital zoom can be used to zero in on a person. However, make sure you zoom slowly and hold the camera steady, so the viewer isn’t distracted by shaky video that zooms in and out too quickly.

3. Try not to overuse the selfie camera.

This is because the front-facing or “selfie” camera is of lower (megapixel) quality than the main camera on the iPhone. Of course, you’ll probably end up with some “selfies” and “wefies” or “allfies”. Feel free to ask others to take iPhone pictures of you and the happy couple for the best quality.

4. Take pictures in softer light or the shade.

Try to avoid iPhone photos in the bright sun because they can turn out overexposed with shadows and people squinting at the sun. But if that is inevitable, then you can always fix them later with the Photo Enhancer feature in Wedding Studio.

5. If you’re shooting inside, try to take pictures in areas with good lighting.

This is because the iPhone and all small cameras don’t capture great pictures in low light. You may end up with noisy pictures with washed-out colors if you’re shooting where it’s not well lit. Try to get shots with natural light from windows if it’s during the day or position yourself so that your subject is being lit by whatever available light there is at the venue, and the light is always in your favour, not shining at the camera.

6. Avoid using the iPhone’s flash.

It can overexpose a person’s face and cause redeye. Instead, you can manually adjust the exposure by tapping on the screen. When you see the sun icon, slide your finger up and down to either brighten or dim the exposure. If you do end up with overexposed “flashed” photos, you will notice that the subject’s face will be too bright and pale. Don’t worry. You can fix this later using Photo Enhancer. All done in a single click.

7. Use burst mode to capture a scene with movement.

If you’re taking a picture with people moving, such as when the couple is having their first dance or tossing the bouquet. Tap and hold the shutter button and the iPhone will go into “burst” mode and take a quick series of pictures. You’re more likely to capture that perfect shot with burst mode. You can pick the best photos by choosing “Select,” picking the ones you like (“favorites”) and deleting the rest to free up space on your iPhone.

8. If you’re taking video, hold your phone horizontally or in landscape mode.

When you play back the video on a TV or computer monitor, the image will fill up the screen. If you shoot video by holding your iPhone vertically, you’ll end up with a video that is narrow and has black bars on the sides of the screen.

9. Shoot video in short 10-to-15 second clips when possible.

This will make it easier to compile a video of your shots if you transfer the video to a computer and use a program like the Wedding Studio Slideshow Maker. Also, since videos take up much more space than photos on your phone, you can avoid running out of storage space on your iPhone by taking short video clips.

10. Remember to capture behind-the-scene moments before, during and after the wedding ceremony.

If you’re with the bride or groom when they’re getting ready for the ceremony, take a few candid shots to capture those special moments. Take some closeups of the flowers, the cake, family members, and guests. Try to get some wedding photos that others might overlook, but are still special memories for you and the couple.

We hope that these iPhone photo tips are helpful to you at the next wedding you attend.

Remember that you’re telling a story so try to capture honest emotions rather than the standard posed shots taken at most weddings.

After taking your wedding pictures with your iphone, make them look even better

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