8 Must-Have Moments In Wedding Albums

Discover the 8 must-have moments for your wedding photo album and how to make sure you get them!

The big wedding day is approaching, and it’s time to focus on one of the most important things: the wedding photos. These are the images that capture the day when your lives change forever – and that’s no minor thing! A little forethought and a simple list can make all the difference in how you remember your DIY wedding day, so reserve some time to explore your options, view online wedding albums for unique wedding ideas, and make notes on your must-have moments.

Yes, it IS All About the Dress!

Let’s not even pretend the wedding day isn’t about THE DRESS. It’s what the bride dreams of from the time she’s a little girl twirling round and round in front of a full-length mirror. So whatever you do, don’t miss those shots. Start with the dress hanging alone in front of a sunlit window or draped gently over a chair, waiting to be filled and brought to life. Then continue the storyline with the bride getting dressed, assisted by those she’s chosen to help her prepare for the day. Of course, you want formal wedding portrait pictures of the bride completely dressed and ready to “walk the walk.” Photograph the dress from behind with a trailing veil, and get some casual bride pictures of her having fun in the dress.


Rings, Shoes, and Accessories

Get a shot of the rings, both before and after the wedding ceremony, as they symbolize your single and then married lives. Photograph the bride’s and the groom’s rings alone, and then get a shot of the two rings together, waiting for the ceremony to begin. The “shoe shot” is a good time to have a little fun, so ask for a casual shot zoomed into the bride and groom’s feet – or even a picture of the shoes tossed off to the side after the ceremony. Get artistic images of accessories such as hair dressings, earrings, silk stockings, and cufflinks.


First Looks

First looks can be the most emotionally charged images in a wedding, so make sure to get them all. This includes the groom’s first look at the bride in her dress, as well as the parents of the bride and groom seeing their babies all grown up and leaving the nest. First looks from the bridesmaids and groomsmen can also be special, as well as ones from the flower girl and ring bearer. The most important “first look” of all is the groom upon seeing his bride standing at the end of the aisle.


Bridal Parties

Now it’s time to get the wedding group pictures started. Some informal shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen before the ceremony are great, but also remember to get the group shots. Encourage them to show their personalities and even goof off for a few clicks. That is, after all, why you love them and want them in your wedding – because you’ve been through thick and thin together, and have likely had a whole lot of fun. Let them show that in your wedding photos



What is a wedding without flowers? That especially means the bridal bouquet, so get ready for some close-up images of the petals and full shots of cascading flowers. Photograph the bouquet sitting alone, and then the fully dressed bride holding on for dear life. The same goes for the bridesmaids’ bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres.


Family Shots

Nothing is worse than inadvertently leaving out someone important in your wedding photo collection, so make a list of all family members. Posed images are good, but standing in a rigid line is not the only way to do it. Play some relaxing music, and then snap away as they laugh and chat before huddling for the pose. Encourage them to show affection, hug one another, make jokes, or anything that captures the joy of the day. (And yes, DO have someone arrange for height and visibility.)


The Reception

The after-party will have priceless moments for sure. Get the traditional shots such as cutting the cake, the champagne toast, and any unique traditions like releasing of doves. There will be toasts, food and dancing all around, so have your shutter-buddies going full blast. Look for hilarious moments like Grandma doing “the chicken” or Uncle Bobby stuffing his pockets with sandwiches. By all means, don’t forget the couple’s first dance.


The Exit

When all is said and done, have all cameras poised for the grand exit. This includes the tossing of the bridal bouquet and the eco-friendly confetti flurry as you run to the waiting vehicle. It’s usually a “Whew, we did it!” moment, but it can also be quite emotional seeing all those you love waving as you drive off into your new lives together.

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