Best music for wedding slideshows

What Music Goes Best With a Wedding Slideshow?

Find out what music goes best with a wedding slideshow, and how to compile a DIY list featuring your own style!



Making a wedding slideshow is a personal thing, and the music that accompanies it should be personal as well. It’s your day, so don’t feel guilty about putting yourself and your future spouse first. The starting point for choosing the best music for your slideshow is to pick songs and musical genres that you love! Resist the tendency to worry about what others will enjoy – just relax and have fun picking out the tunes that make you feel great. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start coming up with wedding ideas and add the background music to go with them.

Determine Where the Slideshow Will Play

 Most wedding photo slideshows play during the more informal reception rather than in the actual wedding ceremony, but they can also be a fun part of a rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, or bachelor and bachelorette party. You can also use the Wedding Studio slideshow maker to create a musical compilation of your favorite wedding photos as a gift momento to guests who attended, and those who couldn’t make the trip out. The music for slideshow movies is largely determined by the setting in which the audience will view them, as well as by the atmosphere you want to create for the moment.

Reception Slideshows

 Hands down, the funniest and most entertaining reception slideshows are ones that first reveal the individual lives of the bride and groom before they met. Starting with childhood photos (many of which are included for their goofy moments), choose music that hearkens back to that time era. For example, if you and your partner were born in the 80s, accompany those young childhood photos with kid’s music from the time period, such as Fraggle Rock or Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. As the photos progress to the teenage years, change the background music to punk rock or boy bands or Spice Girls – anything that brings back memories of that time in your lives.


As the slideshow changes to photos of the two of you meeting and falling in love, change the music to more current tunes. Include your favorite songs and ones that have been special during your courtship. Piano-based songs, instrumental music and acoustic guitar melodies are good for this portion of the slideshow. Don’t be afraid to mix genres; you can even crank up your favorite country music crooner singing about finding that person to spend the rest of his life with.


As the relationship photos culminate in pre-wedding moments such as the proposal or engagement photos, consider livening things up a bit with some classic diva pop songs such as “This Will Be an Everlasting Love” by Natalie Cole or “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher. These kinds of tunes lighten the tone and put everyone in the mood for celebrating the newly married couple with toasts, eating and dancing.

Wedding Memory Slideshow

 When it’s time to create your wedding ceremony slideshow after the fact, you have some very powerful images of the day that turned you instantly into husband and wife – and made you a family. You’ll likely have hundreds of wedding photos from which to choose, and the music you pick to accompany them can literally make those life-changing moments come flooding back with the click of your keyboard or tap on your wedding app.


Choosing the music for this type of slideshow can really be as simple as re-living your emotions as you went through the wedding day. The wedding pictures themselves will bring it all back, so put them in sequential order starting with the first “camera clicks” signaling your day has finally arrived. Imagine yourself awakening slowly as a bride, and then choose soft music that breaks the day gently.


It probably wasn’t long before the panic hit, so have some upbeat crazy-tunes ready as the photos switch to you arriving at the venue, putting on your wedding dress, surrounded by bridesmaids buzzing and family members rushing to and fro setting up flowers and decorations and shouting orders. You might choose girl-power tunes such as Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)”. The groom will have similar photos from his side of the getting-ready aisle, so choose tunes that reflect that as well.


As the images in your slideshow move closer and closer to the moment you walk down the aisle, choose a song (with or withut lyrics) for each segment. For example, when you are standing alone in your bridal gown and veil, let the music be poignant and clear and soaring, reflecting a moment of self-awareness and moving forward into the future.


During the ceremony itself, let the music follow the moments, such as when you stand as a bride at the entrance and the groom sees you for the first time. Play an emotion-packed song such as “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. The important thing is to let the music match the moment, including the triumph of striding back down the aisle together as a married couple. What’s the best music for the reception photos? How about sassy and bold, as in “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon! Again, the song choice is yours – as is the emotion that you want to convey.

We have put together a great library of music that you can use for various segments of the wedding for your music slideshow. All these music are available royalty free when you purchase the Wedding Studio suite which includes the music, the music slideshow maker and photo enhancer. Everything you need for capturing, enhancing, and sharing that magical day with everyone


Now you now what is the best music for wedding slideshows, so make yours today!

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