How to Take Great Wedding Pictures for Older Couples

It may be a 2nd wedding, or a renewal of marriage vows. Here are great tips on taking awesome wedding photos for mature couples.

Maybe you’ve waited until later in life to take the plunge, or renewing your marriage vows now that the kids have left for college. No matter what your age, you deserve to have great wedding photos of the two of you to remember this special life together. Whether you’re doing a DIY wedding or are enlisting the help of a wedding photographer, unique wedding ideas can bring your celebration portrait photos to new heights of creativity and elegance.

Even seasoned professional wedding photographers will find new ideas and inspiration from the following tips and tricks to craft distinguished and unique wedding portrait pictures at the wedding of an senior couple.

Follow these and take gorgeous Wedding Pictures for Older Couples

Make Your Wish List

Begin by getting together with your partner and making a list of all the “must-have” wedding scenes, images and vignettes that you both envision. Doing so will help to ensure that you don’t miss a key shot.Some ideas might include:

  • Walking hand in hand
  • Kissing
  • The rings on your hands
  • Holding the bouquet
  • The dress
  • All phases of the wedding ceremony
  • Group shots of attendees

Here are some of our favourites must-have shots in a wedding photo album that we pulled together that are also relevant for senior wedding couples.

Find Attractive Angles

Try interesting angles that show you both at your very best. Consider practicing poses in the mirror both as a couple and individually. When the big day comes, you’ll have a sense of what you look like. Remember to have good posture, but try to keep your shoulders relaxed. Extending your neck and face slightly upward and forward can stretch out looser skin under the neck and reduce any double chins you may have collected over the years. This simply move will help to avoid shadows and give the face a thinner, more youthful look.

The Classic “V” Pose

The V posing configuration is a classic in wedding photography. It works well with couples of any age and it should not be left out of your wedding portrait pictures. This pose involves standing close together with your waist and hips near one another, then leaning slightly outward to create a V silhouette. Make sure to do something with your arms instead of just hanging them at your sides. Experiment with variations of this pose while facing one another, facing the camera, sharing a kiss, sharing a laugh, feeding each other wedding cake or toasting with champagne.

Have a Practice Photo Session

Get together with your partner before the wedding and take practice photos of some your different posing ideas using a camera with a timer. Pose in front of the mirror first, then take photos in different lighting and from different angles so that you’ll get the feel of how to pose for the best results. Practice makes perfect! Enjoy the process! It can be a very fun and romantic exercise.

Lighting is Key

Ideal lighting conditions can help to make anyone look amazing. Believe it or not, a light but overcast day outdoors or through a window can provide some of the most beautiful lighting conditions for photographs (provided it is not raining for an outdoor photo shoot.) Filter and soften indoor light especially if professional photography lighting are used. Once you have your photos taken, a little photo editing goes a long way to make them perfect. Use the Photo Enhancer software’s professionally tuned presets to apply smart color science to your photos. It will correct exposure, balance out contrasts, and make the color pop. Watch your photos go from simply beautiful to absolutely gorgeous.

Soft Focus and Flash

Another way to help show people in their best light is by using a soft camera focus and flash settings. Take some test shots with different settings to ensure you choose the ones that make you both look your very best.

Treat Yourself to a Professional Makeup Artist

Why not splurge and have a professional do your makeup on this special day? Also, take care not to “overtan” if you use a tanning salon, and don’t use any new soaps or skin lotions that might cause an allergic reaction in the days leading up to your wedding day.

Photo Editing

Don’t forget that a little photo editing can go a long way in helping the two of you look your very best in wedding photos. Just don’t “over-edit” or it won’t look natural. Softening wrinkles and removing shadows is one thing, but don’t take it so far that you look like Cher fresh from a hundredth botox booster. Wedding Studio contains patented image science that quickly and easily give your photos that professional pop in a jiffy.

Carry a Mirror and Extra Makeup

Keep a small mirror and makeup nearby so you can touch up as needed throughout the day or the photo shoot. Powder is essential to remove any shininess that might develop on your forehead, nose and cheeks. Keep your lipstick and eyeliner close at hand for reapplication as well.

Be Yourselves!

Perhaps the best photography advice for anyone is to be as natural as possible throughout the photo shoot. Let yourself get swept up in the joy and happiness of your wedding day. Relax and smile with your eyes as well as your mouth; if you are smiling but the rest of your face looks tense, the smile will not look natural. Let your true personalities and love for one another shine through, and you’ll be naturally photogenic.

Whether you’re doing a DIY wedding or are just looking for unique wedding ideas for your photos, everyone wants to take great wedding pictures. Use these wedding mature couple ideas for your senior wedding or older couple wedding.

You know how to take Wedding Pictures for Older Couples, now make them look their best

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