6 Essential Tips for DIY Wedding Photos Like a Pro

Considering a DIY wedding? Use these 6 tips for successful DIY wedding photography and wedding photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime.



If you’re looking to do a DIY wedding on a budget, wedding photos are one of the primary considerations. You want to save money, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality just to save a buck. What are the best ways to achieve professional quality photos of your wedding ceremony without the high cost? Use these six simple but effective wedding ideas and tips for successful DIY wedding photography on a budget:

Follow these 6 tips and get stunning DIY Wedding Photos

1. Enlist the Help of a Family Member or Friend and Experiment!


The first step to successful DIY wedding photography without the cost is finding someone who will take the photos for you as a favor, as a wedding gift, or at a minimal cost. This will help you to avoid the $2,000 to $8,000 price tag that’s typically required to hire a professional wedding photographer. A friend will also know you both better, so you are guaranteed a more personal and intimate album.


This friend or family member should ideally have some experience and interest in photography, or at least be willing to learn. Successful DIY wedding photography will require research and practice, and you and your partner, as well as the photographer, can all contribute to this learning process.


As you learn the elements of successful photography, you can also have practice sessions. Try out different poses, angles, lighting and props. This can be essential to the learning process and knowing what works so that when the big day arrives, there will be no surprises.


2. Create a Must-Have Image List


Planning is key to a successful result, so you should leave nothing to chance. You and your spouse should create a wish list of pictures you want to capture at your wedding ceremony and reception so that you don’t miss anything. You might also consider doing an engagement photo shoot and separate individual photo shoots of the bride and groom as they are getting ready for the ceremony.


To get you started, here are the top 8 must-have moments in wedding albums that we polled from our users.


Of course, you can get far more creative than that. The important thing is to really make the photography your own! Personalize your wedding photos as much as possible with posing ideas that fit you as a couple.

3. Get to Know Your Location(s) and Do Some Dry Runs


Go to the locations of the wedding ceremony and reception with your friend-photographer and do a test run of how you would like your wedding to unfold. Have your frientographer do some test shots to get a sense of the lighting and atmosphere so that any necessary adjustments can be made. Of course, your actual wedding day will be more hectic and stressful, but at least you’ll have a sense of what to expect and how the day will flow. Practice makes perfect, and “rehearsing” your poses and ideas will let you know if they are practical and achievable. Wondering where to take wedding photos? Here’s a good list to start you thinking: the 10 most magical locations for unforgettable wedding photos.

4. Have Backups in Place


You should also have at least two cameras and sets of key equipment on the scene the day of the wedding. A backup camera will help to ensure you’ll be covered in the event your primary one malfunctions. Be sure to have plenty of memory cards, batteries and any key props that are crucial to the photos you wish to capture. Having a second photographer can be advantageous, as two heads are better than one (just make sure Tom don’t get in Dick’s viewfinder all the time, LOL!). You’ll also get twice the great shots to choose from as you would otherwise. Your two photographers will be able to back each other up and remind each other of the key shots required to cover your wedding photography wish list. And whilst we are on the topic of wedding on a budget, of course, an iPhone is a very capable second backup camera! Check out the 10 simple tricks for taking great wedding photos with an iPhone.

5. Be Open to the Unexpected


You can plan every detail of your wedding, but you can’t plan for what isn’t expected. Things might not go according to your expectations in both positive and stressful ways. Fortunately, these spontaneous moments can make for some of the most amazing wedding photos. Whether it’s at the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception, remind your frentographer(s) to watch for incredible shots that might not be on your wish list. A funny moment, a child doing something unexpected, or a ray of sunlight hitting the bride’s dress in an artful way can all provide wedding photo opportunities that none of you expected. These wedding pictures just might become some of your most treasured. Despite best intentions and planning, Murphy’s Law has a way of rearing its ugly head sometimes…what do you do? Luckily, we have experienced some near-disasters in our time and have compiled 10 simple tricks to salvage the day when wedding photos go bad.

6. Use Good Software


Did you wear makeup? Well, then why shouldn’t your photos get the touch up they deserve? The perfect amount of photo editing and enhancements can take your wedding photos from ~meh~ to WOW! Great photo editing software can assist you in reducing shadows, smoothing wrinkles and refining each shot to become its very best. We put together Wedding Studio specifically to accomplish this quickly and easily; Wedding Studio comes with the right photo editing presets so that anyone can achieve professional quality results with their DIY wedding photos. It even comes with an award winning slideshow maker and free library of music so that you can pull them all together into a photomovie for Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Best of all, you can do it yourself to make sure the final wedding pictures capture the moments of the day, conveys the love you have for one another as well as the unique spirit of the day. Just as you remember them.


One last bonus tip: be sure to relax, lighten up and have fun on your wedding day! This is a big day, and everyone might be prone to feeling stressed; this is understandable. However, the more relaxed that the bride, groom, and photographer can be, the more amazing the photos will turn out. Laugh, giggle, stumble! Be open to those spontaneous moments! Your wedding day is one to be cherished and remembered for a lifetime. Be open to having amazing experiences and incredible photo opportunities on your wedding day are sure to unfold. Then let Wedding Studio get you from beautiful photos to memories as gorgeous as the day itself.

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