5 Easy tips on how to make the perfect wedding slideshow for the big day

5 Ways to Enhance the Big Day

Whether you’re the Bride, Maid of Honor, Groom or In-Law, your favorite moments of that Big Day have been captured not only by you but all the attendees. You want to remember this special occasion for years to come, right?! So why don’t you take all the photos and footage and create a video slideshow you’ll enjoy watching over and over.

1. Give it Your Magic Touch

Endless Personalization. Styles for every emotion.

With all of the personal details that go into designing a wedding, your wedding video should let you reflect your personal style as well. You don’t have to worry about timelines or color filters because muvee Reveal offers Styles, themes, and effects specifically tailored to making unique wedding memories. Wild, crazy party or romantic beach ceremony, muvee Reveal has Styles to fit every occasion. With our Style personalization feature you can tweak each of our unique Styles, adjusting things like energy level, pace and color effects until your wedding video is perfect, just like your special day. You can even customize your movie with your wedding song by changing the suggested track. Personalization doesn’t stop with choosing a Style and a song. muvee Reveal analyzes your selected tune to ensure that your video’s action ebbs and flows with the beat of your chosen song.

Check out this wedding video made with muvee Reveal

muvee Wedding Slideshow

2. X Out The Ex. Say Yes to The Dress

magicMoments Lets You Keep The Clips You Want.

After the “I do’s” you’re sure to have loads of footage and magicMoments comes to the rescue. This innovative feature allows you to give the Thumbs Up to favorite moments like “you may kiss the bride” and the bouquet toss/inevitable tackle while excluding Uncle John’s drunken speech with a Thumbs Down. With magicMoments you choose the highlights of your wedding day. And don’t forget the close up of the gorgeous dress you’ll probably never wear again!

Watch the muvee magicMoments tutorial

muvee Wedding Slideshow

3. Fake a Photo Booth

Use Graffiti to add flare to your photos.

You don’t need a photo booth and props for a silly wedding video slideshow. Use our new Graffiti feature to add stickers and frames to your favorite wedding photos. Whether you want to pop a silly moustache on your best man or add hilarious captions via speech bubble, Graffiti will make your photos one of a kind with more than 250 stickers and frames.

muvee Wedding Slideshow

4. Pick the Prettiest Face in the Photo

magicSpot lets you decide where to look.

Our software automatically zooms in on faces (smart, right?!) but you can manually control the pan and zoom if your focus is elsewhere. Zoom in on the confused flower girl. Pan from bridesmaids to the beaming bride!

Watch the muvee magicSpot tutorial

muvee Wedding Slideshow

5. Go Viral or Keep It Intimate

Share with the World Online or Give As a Video Gift.

muvee Reveal provides several sharing options to show off your wedding video in a click. Share the Big Day online through YouTube, Vimeo and with Facebook friends. Or even thank your family or friends with more than just a card by giving them a DVD of wedding memories. Sharing is easier than saying “I Do!”

muvee Wedding Slideshow
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