What to Do When Wedding Pictures Go Bad? 10 Simple Tricks to Salvage the Day

Unfortunately, there are more than a few instances when wedding photos go bad. If this is the case for you, don’t fear, there are ways to fix wedding pictures that can salvage the day and give you something to look back on.

We all want our wedding day to be magnificent. We spend months and even years going over wedding ideas and plans to make the day perfect. From the dress and cake to the ceremony and first dance – it should be perfect in every way and it should be exactly what you want. After all, it is your time to shine and your special day to look back on and cherish forever. That is of course, unless the wedding portrait pictures and other wedding photography didn’t turn out exactly how you planned, and there are no actual good wedding portrait pictures to look back on to reminisce. If you find yourself in this situation, relax and breathe easy; there are ways to save the day.

Wedding Pictures gone Bad? Do not panic, follow these tips!

1. Photos that are too Dark

If your wedding photos are so dark that you can’t make out the faces of your wedding party, using the tools of a photo editor to lighten the photos will have them looking better and frame-worthy in no time. This usually happens when taking photos in front of a window or other bright light source.

2. Low Quality Photos

If you find yourself stuck with less than stellar wedding photos that are too low in quality to make good prints, consider making a wedding music slideshow. Whilst photo printing requires high resolution photos, a slideshow maker can create an amazing presentation of your wedding ceremony using very low resolution photos. With Wedding Studio, it even automatically times the photos to the beat of any music track you choose, adding in transitions, filters and effects. All these adds up to help “re-package” your photos into a professional looking film.

3. Poor Composition

If your DIY wedding included your sister as the photographer, some of the photos might not have the perfect composition. No worries. You can easily use a photo editing software to crop the photos for better wedding photo portraits and remove the distracting background, off-centered couple, or low hanging lighting fixture!

4. Find a Fancy Frame

Even though you may be unhappy with your wedding pictures, there are surely a couple that, while not perfect, aren’t quite that bad. Find some you like and display them in smaller frames to make the flaws less noticeable. Choosing ornate frames with lots of details can do a lot to distract from the flaws of your less-than-perfect wedding portrait photos.

5. RAW Files Work Best for Photo Editing

There are great photo editing programs, like those in slideshow makers, that work well for repairing and finishing photos. The most important thing is to have the RAW (original photo files from the SD card) which allows for high resolution and high quality photos. Having these files makes repairs on exposure or color fairly simple to accomplish.

6. The Color is Off

If your wedding bouquet looks like a bunch of orange blooms instead of the perfect pink that matched your lipstick, performing color correction is the perfect solution for a quick way to fix your wedding photos. A color adjustment or balance filter, often part of your photo slideshow maker software, will have your colors showing the perfect pallet in no time. In the Photo Enhancer feature, this is simply a one-click fix with our presets. It will automatically and intelligently analyze your photos to determine the right amount and type of “fix” it needs to uncover the beauty within.

7. Make it Sharper

Was the photographer a little tipsy towards the end of the night and his hands got shaky? Blurred photos due to shaky hands can usually be fixed with a simple sharpening feature in the Photo Enhancer feature. Anything you can do to save even just one irreplaceable photos from your wedding is well worth the time.

8.Black and White is sometimes the Best

Believe it or not, a quick yet bad photo rescue is as simple as changing it from a color photo to a black and white one. If you’re dealing with a low quality fuzzy or grainy image, simply use your Photo editing software to turn the image into a black and white photo and it will automatically solve some of the issues. Wedding Studio Slideshow Maker also has a black and white Style which is uber elegant and is sure to make grainy photos pop like it was a Harper’s Bazaar wedding shoot. A greyscale image calls for different characteristics, which your failed photo may in fact have when converted.

If you have had the unfortunate luck to have bad wedding photos, remember that all is not lost. Using these simple tricks and amazing editing tools from a slideshow maker will help salvage the images of your special day and have you framing photos in no time!

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